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Hello Folks,  We are well into another growing season here at Border Country Berries.  We hope you are planning to make a few stops at the farm a part of your late summer plans.  So far, the excessive rains have make it a more challenging year than most for those who grow things in the outdoors.  But, we are looking forward to fairer skies and a fair harvest in the weeks to come.  If you keep reading you'll catch-up on the happenings at the farm. You can also find us on Facebook at Border Country Berries.


 The berry harvest has concluded.  I want to sincerely thank everyone who came out to the farm to pick or to purchase pre-picked berries.  We are very gratified that you value and enjoy what we offer there.  Thank you all!!



It appears that the sweet corn will be a very light crop this year.  The wet spring conditions allowed us to plant only 2/3 of the usual acreage.  Much of the seed that was planted failed to germinate in the very cool temperatures of May and June.  A harvest is questionable.  We'll keep a sharp eye on the situation and give you occasional updates below.



Our efforts with pumpkin the last two years seem to have been well-received by our customers; so, we are continuing with that crop in 2017.  If things go as hoped, we plan to put pumpkins in the U-pick category this year; at least for a couple of weekends in the early autumn.  With the weather as it has been, we are not sure how this will shake out; but, we'll tell you more as the season progresses.  Not surprisingly, the plants are a little behind schedule due to the cool, wet conditions.



This was last year's experiment and, while the results were a bit of a mixed bag, we will continue the effort this year on a small scale.  These are typically after the berry season closes, so sales will probably occur at the house yard (3042 Seymour) or at the Sault Farmer's Market. 



This year's experiment is a small planting of tomato for sale purposes.  We had expected to market them in tandem with the sweet corn, because, well y'know, that's just what makes a late summer meal, right?  That part of the plan may, or may not, work out.  We'll just see how it goes.



It's our intent to post regular updates here.  For instance, if the pickers have cleaned the bushes of ripe berries we will notify you here that we are closing for a day or two so the ripening berries can "catch up".  We want your visit to be as productive as possible.



PRICES - 2017

  Accepted methods of payment are cash or local check.  "Local" would be defined as the counties of Chippewa, Mackinac, Luce, Emmet and Cheboygan.


                          U-Pick                                    Pre-picked  

Blueberry             $2.25/lb.     $3.45/lb.

SWEET CORN         

PICKING HOURS  (subject to changing weather and  picking conditions - see UPDATES above or call 906-748-2048)

NOTE RE WEATHER:  If thunder can be heard or lightning seen while one is in the berry field, then the farm will immediately close until those conditions are absent.  Please exit the field right away!


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