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08-22-16;  The sweet corn harvest began today.


Some of you may recall that we experimented a bit with a small planting of pumpkin last year.  We're going to give it another go this year with a larger planting.  With several different varieties and sizes ranging from very small (a few lbs) to rather large (40+ lbs) and differing maturity dates we'll try to keep you in the loop by updating below periodically.


Neither the sweet corn nor pumpkin has been a u-pick crop.  We pre-pick and make them available at another location on Seymour Rd (3042) as well as two or three retail locations in the Sault area.  Neville's Superette has sold our sweet corn in the past and has indicated an interest in doing so again this year.  When the time comes we'll notify you below and you may wish to keep an eye on their marquee.  We often market these crops at the Sault Farmer's Market each week, as well.


 NEW!!     POTATO     NEW!!

****update on the taters in the section below ****

We have a habit of trying a new crop from time to time.  Some work out, others don't.  This year a small planting of potato may allow us to make some available along with the sweet corn or the pumpkins.  Yep, you guessed it!  We'll let you know below if this new effort "takes root"!


It's our intent to post regular updates here.  For instance, if the pickers have cleaned the bushes of ripe berries we will notify you here that we are closing for a day or two so the ripening berries can "catch up".  We want your visit to be as productive as possible.

Farmer's Market

We plan to have pumpkins, potatoes and carrots at the Sault Farmer's Market on Wednesday Sept. 28.  Bundled cornstalks continue to be available in the yard at 3042 Seymour. 


09-05-16; Blueberry season wrapped up today, folks.  At five and a half weeks, I believe it was our longest berry harvest yet.  I want to extend a HUGE "thank you" to each who came out to pick or purchase this year.  You helped make it a good year!  We always enjoy seeing the familiar faces and "catching up" with repeat customers and making the acquaintance of new ones, as well.  Corn and potato sales will continue at 3042 Seymour, just up the road from the farm.  Pumpkin and cornstalk sales will be coming along soon; also at 3042.  Updates will occur below.  Again, thank you all !!


Prices are the same as last year:  $2.20 / lb. for U-pick;  $3.40 / lb. for pre-picked.  Hope to see you soon! 

Pumpkins/Gourds and Cornstalk

09-27-16;  Pumpkin prices have been reduced effective immediately:

Pie Pumkins and Little Warties -- $1.50 each 

all decor/carving/jack-o-lantern pumps -- $3.00 regardless of size (there are plenty of big ones) 

The pumpkin and cornstalk harvest is in full swing!  The front yard at 3042 Seymour is slowly filling up with pie pumpkins ($3.00), and little warties ($2.50).  We have lots of other decor/jack-O-lantern pumpkins in different sizes($3-$6).  

Like last year, another grower in the neighborhood is contributing plenty of colorful gourds and squash to the inventory.  Priced as marked.

 Bundles of cornstalks are ready to be carried away ($3.50).  Lots of autumn decor to choose from!  Stop by and see what you like!

 Sweet Corn

 Sweet Corn harvest is over

It may be helpful to some folks to understand the typical day during the corn harvest.  This is NOT a U-pick crop.  Usually the first picking of the day occurs in the mid-morning and the corn is available on the table by late morning.  Often a second picking is done in the middle of the afternoon and is on the table in time for the "drive home".  If needed, another picking occurs to supply the table for the evening period. Multiple small pickings are done, rather than a single large one, because we want to keep the corn on the table as fresh as possible.  In addition, pickings are done as we get orders from a few retailers in the area. With numerous pickings occurring on any given day you can see why it quickly becomes impractical to post an update here each time we leave the field with a new supply.  If the timing of pickings interests you, then please be guided by the schedule just discussed.  If you are concerned that your trip may be wasted on an empty table, feel free to call ahead. 906-748-2048

Potatoes           NEW!! NEW!!

09-27-16;  The potatoes have all been dug.  They are available on the table at 3042 Seymour.  we also expect to have some at the Sault Framer's Market on Wed the 28th.  Price is $3.00/bag or 2 bags for $5.00.  Each bag is 3 lbs or a tad more.

  The last of the carrots are also out of the ground.  $1.50/bag on the carrots.



PRICES - 2015

  Accepted methods of payment are cash or local check.  "Local" would be defined as the counties of Chippewa, Mackinac, Luce, Emmet and Cheboygan.


                          U-Pick                                    Pre-picked  

Blueberry            $2.20/LB                        $3.40/LB 

SWEET CORN          N/A                           $4.00/ dozen

PICKING HOURS  (subject to changing weather and  picking conditions - see UPDATES above or call 906-748-2048)

NOTE RE WEATHER:  If thunder can be heard or lightning seen while one is in the berry field, then the farm will immediately close until those conditions are absent.  Please exit the field right away!


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